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Golden Visa

There is still time to secure your European future.

Welcome to FIO Legal, your trusted partner for obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal. Our team of experienced lawyers is here to guide you through the whole process and help you achieve your goals.

The Portuguese Golden Visa program has been a popular choice for investors seeking residency and citizenship in Europe.

Some benefits are:

  • Eligible investment starting at € 280,000

  • hassle-free travel across the Schingen area

  • Right to live and work in Portugal, with a minimum stay of 7 days per year

  • Ability to include qualifying family members in the residence program

  • After five years, investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship

However, recent proposals to amend the law and end the program have caused uncertainty for investors.


It's crucial to act now and secure your future by taking advantage of the program before any changes are made.


Our experienced team of lawyers can guide you through the process to ensure your investment is protected.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain residency in Europe and secure your family's future.

Invest in Your Future Today


Case Study

How FiO back your Golden Visa application

  • Background
    Our law firm recently helped an American client obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal. The process was not without its challenges, but we were ultimately successful in obtaining a residence permit for our client. Our client, a successful entrepreneur, was interested in obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal. To get a Golden Visa, our client invested €500,000 in Portuguese real estate. However, this seemingly straightforward process was not without its challenges, particularly given the prevailing COVID-19 travel restrictions and the delays from SEF, the Portuguese Border's Authority .
  • Legal Due Diligence and Remote Property Purchase
    Before the property investment could be made, our team conducted an exhaustive legal due diligence. We verified the property's ownership, confirmed it was devoid of liens or encumbrances, and ascertained it met the minimum investment threshold. After thorough due diligence, the client was ready to proceed with the purchase. Nonetheless, the ongoing travel restrictions barred our American client from making a personal visit to Portugal. To address this, we facilitated the remote property purchase through power of attorney, allowing us to sign all necessary documents on the client's behalf, thereby eliminating the need for his physical presence.
  • Court Intervention
    Having made the necessary investment, we submitted the Golden Visa application to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service (SEF). However, the process hit a snag when we realized SEF was experiencing significant delays in processing visa applications. Our client waited more than a year without receiving an appointment for his visa application. Believing the delay to be unreasonable, we took the matter to court. We aimed to obtain a ruling that would oblige SEF to expedite the process, arguing they were not meeting their obligations under Portuguese law.
  • Successful Outcome
    Our persistence and well-argued case led to a successful ruling from the court. SEF was ordered to schedule an appointment for our client's visa application and issue the residence permit. Eventually, our client acquired his Golden Visa, enabling him to start his new life in Portugal. The process of obtaining a Golden Visa in Portugal can be complex and fraught with challenges, such as application delays and COVID-19 travel restrictions. Nevertheless, our law firm successfully navigated this process, helping our client achieve his residence permit. We are proud of this achievement and look forward to assisting others in similar situations in the future.

Meet Bettino, our partner responsible for taking care of your Golden Visa.

At FIO, we believe in putting our clients first. That's why we take the time to understand your unique situation and provide personalized guidance tailored to your needs.


Our services include:

  • ​Advice on eligible investments

  • Assistance with all necessary paperwork

  • Golden Visa application process

  • Ongoing support throughout the entire process

  • Legal representation in court, if necessary

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